eSynergy International - TESDA TVET  

Tesda  Registered Training Center and Assessment Center for  Industrial Butchers, Meat Cutters, Food and Beverage Professionals and Staff
Contact Center  Agents, Customer Service Rep, Bookkeepers, Accounting and Office Admin Staff and Senior High Teachers
           Awarded as Best Butchering School and Producer of World Class Butchers    

 Slaughtering Operation NC II - Tesda Accredited


 Slaughtering Operation -  Hands on training         at Jaro Slaughtering Plant - Imus Cavite


  What is Slaughtering Operations?

 Slaughter is the term used to describe the killing and butchering of animals, usually for food.

Animal Slaughtering  Operation - is  the process of  killing and butchering    of animals using specialized equipments. Commonly it refers to killing and butchering of domestic livestock like    pigs, cattle and other tame animals    which is used for food processing or  food for human consumption.







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